About Venture English Institute 

"Can Venture teach me English?"

You are probably asking that question to yourself right now as you are browsing our website. That question is one of the reasons Venture English Institute exists and the answer to it is, "Yes, I can teach you English."

Venture English was started to meet a growing demand for GOOD and Professional level spoken English classes in India, specifically, Varanasi. Our intentions are to help everyone from the IIT-BHU student to the Stay-At-Home-Mom learn to SPEAK English.

"What sets Venture apart?"

Good question. Spoken English institutes are a dime a dozen in Varanasi so what sets Venture English Institute apart? Well first, we are the only institute in Varanasi that utilizes native English speakers to teach our classes. Our teachers are TEFL certified and are here teaching English because they love doing it. We also employ teaching ideas and strategies that go beyond just 'wrote learning' so that students leave actually being able to speak English. This quote by Benjamin Franklin sums it up for us:

Involve me and I'll learn

Anything Else?

Sure, we believe that being able to speak properly is more than just learning new vocabulary or mastering difficult grammar construction. There's an age old adage from the world's greatest teacher that goes something like this,

"Out of the wellspring of the heart flow the words of the mouth."

This is a pretty fancy way of saying that the condition of our inner person will affect our outer person - specifically the way we communicate. This truth forms the basis of our teaching philosophy. This being said, we aim at holistic teaching. We don't just teach English, we teach how to live life successfully and to it's fullest. We coach students through difficult decisions and hard times and we strive to create a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere (kind of like a family) where students can grow and discover who God has made them to be. 


Interested? Take a look at one of our programs and let us help you achieve your future goals.

If you have more questions please take a look at our Teacher's Page for information about our amazing staff or you can email us: info@varanasienglish.com