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T.R.S. Venture Education's
Student Complaint Policy

English Venture Institute fosters a community of learning that encourages interaction and willingly provides open access to all faculty, staff, and administration. We are committed to caring for our students and quickly resolving any conflicts that arise between students and Institute personnel. It is our desire that any problems experienced by our students be properly addressed and brought to a full and sufficient resolution for all parties involved.

Accordingly, we welcome any information regarding difficulties that our students are experiencing as a result of the actions or words of the Institute’s faculty, staff, volunteers, or other unspecified agents. Venture English Institute encourages students with complaints to seek informal resolution of the complaint prior to initiating the Institute’s formal compliant process. However, we acknowledge that if in any case the complainant feels unsafe in addressing the Institute personnel with whom they have a complaint, then beginning with the Formal Complaint Resolution Process is wise and we encourage them to initiate this process.

Informal Complaint Resolution Process

For minor difficulties, disagreements, or problems between a student and an Institute personnel, we encourage the complainant to initiate a direct conversation with the personnel causing the difficulty. This conversation should held in a calm and professional manor, and should clearly address the offense, disagreement, or problem that the student wishes to resolve. All members of Venture English Institute (faculty, staff, volunteers, and other unspecified agents) are expected to listen carefully and openly to the complaint of any student and engage the conversation in an understanding and respectful manor regardless of the merit of the complaint.

In the case that adequate resolution cannot be reached through this informal process, or the complaint is of such a nature that it cannot be appropriately discussed with the personnel causing the compliant, then we welcome the complainant to initiate the Formal Complaint Resolution Process as detail below.

Formal Complaint Resolution Process

For major difficulties, significant disagreements, or matters that cannot be addressed directly between complainant and the personnel causing the complaint, we encourage the complainant to provide complete and honest information regarding the situation by filling out the Institute’s Formal Complaint Form. The complaint should clearly identify the circumstances, the specific complaint, the Institute personnel in question, and the desired resolution of the complainant.

The Formal Complaint Form must include the name and contact information of the complainant and be submitted either by the online form provided or by hard copy to the Director of T.R.S. Venture Education. The complainant will receive an initial reply to the complaint within 48 hours of submission and an update on the status of their complaint within 30 days of submitting the form.

For a complete look at Venture English Institute’s Complaint Policy, please download the full policy document from the links section of this page. Do not hesitate to contact the Institute if you have any questions regarding our policies or processes. It is our aim to create and promote an atmosphere of openness between Institute personnel and students that fosters smooth, timely, and satisfactory conflict resolution. We have thoughtfully put these complaint policies into place in an effort to encourage and help the Institute and our students maintain the integrity and quality of the educational environment of Venture English Institute.


Online Student Complaint Form:

The following form is for Students of T.R.S Venture Education Private Limited, RE: Venture English Institute only. If you are not a student of Venture English then please contact the office directly or email us at:

By submitting the form below you agree to the terms of our formal complaint policy. You also agree that the statements and information included in the form are true. If you choose not to respond to TRS Ventures attempts to contact you to pursue more information or seek resolution you forfeit your right to this process:


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