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Venture English Institute is about more than just English. We are a Language Institute with a great staff capable of teaching a variety of Native Indian languages as well. We currently offer a 1 year Hindi program that seeks to give learners an incredible immersion experience by utilizing qualified Hindi teachers as well as creating lessons that cause learners to experience the living city of Varanasi.


1247.jpgT.R.S. Venture is located in the ancient city of Varanasi where Indian culture and customs are still strongly observed. Locals rarely know or use English and the preferred language is Hindustani. This makes Varanasi the perfect place for learning Hindi and more about Indian culture and traditions.



hindi letters.jpgOur Hindi program is an intense course that requires a minimum 30 hours per week and includes daily meetings with a tutor for instruction, practice and pronunciation as well as weekly assignments for community involvement, and conversation as wells reading and writing assignments. We emphasize situational Hindi giving learners the language they need to function in society. This means we start with practical Hindi such as: how to introduce oneself, how to buy groceries and catch a cycle rickshaw to the local market. As students progress in their practical and situational Hindi we begin to introduce grammar and the other tools necessary for students to make their own sentences. By the end of the course students should function at a high A2 or B1 level of Hindi.

Course outline and syllabus are as follows:


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Language Level

Beginner (A1 – A2)

Intermediate (A2 – B1)

Advanced (B2 – C1)



Complete Phase 1

Complete Phase 2

Program Duration

2-3 Months

9 – 12 Months

18-24 Months.

Goal of Program

Learn basics for survival in everyday life, frozen phrases and up to 2000 words

Express yourself and talk about everyday topics. Respond to questions and express opinion. Tell stories

Confidently function in Indian society. Develop real and meaningful conversations at the heart level.


Phase 1 Topics and Vocabulary Syllabus

  • Home
  • Animals
  • Numbers
  • Body Parts
  • Clothing
  • Food – Vegetables/Fruit/Spices/Dishes
  • Marketplace
  • Places – public
  • Places - private
  • Office
  • Feelings
  • Descriptive Words (Adjectives)
  • Locations (post positions)
  • Question Words with ‘k’
  • People – occupations
  • People – relations
  • People – gender/nationality/language
  • Time
  • Transportation
  • Money

Phase 1 Functions – Ability to use language

  • Greetings and taking leave
  • Engage in basic small talk
  • Agree and disagree
  • Express sorrow or happiness
  • Express understanding or misunderstanding
  • Ask permission
  • Make social introductions
  • Express Gratitude
  • Make an apology or express regret
  • Describe locations
  • Describe scenes / events
  • Display Hospitality
  • Give basic personal information
  • Request and comprehend simple information
  • Pay bills
  • Order food at a restaurant, read a menu
  • Shop for basic necessities from the market
  • Recognize oral warnings
  • Ask for help, respond to offers for help
  • Express basic needs
  • Request and offer objects
  • Read common signs / warnings
  • Tell simple stories
  • Ask and tell the time
  • Use public transportation (rickshaw, auto, taxi, bus, train)
  • Give instructions to a house maid.
  • Make commitments or promises to future actions

Phase 2 Hindi Functions

  • Be able to plan a trip or vacation with a travel agent
  • Engage in polite introductions and conversations with strangers
  • Be able to book a hotel room and other types of accommodations
  • Rent an apartment by being able to explain what kind of arrangements you want including house features, monthly rent, locality, and information about the landlords.
  • Give instructions to someone to take care of your home while you are out of station.
  • Respond to an invitation to go out to eat, attend a wedding and other types of social events.
  • Be able to make appointments on the phone
  • Be able to communicate health problems to a doctor.
  • Arrange for future use of transportation
  • Clarify a misunderstanding over the phone.
  • Negotiate a required service and its payment
  • Be able to describe an object so that it’s shape, size, color, and purpose are clear.
  • Be able to handle situations where you need to accept or decline requests.
  • Leave a phone or written message for a friend with instructions to do something.
  • Be able to properly complain about a service, report a problem and/or return a damaged item.
  • Explain your expectations for work to be done or a set of rules for a game
  • Be able to borrow an item from a friend or neighbor
  • Be able to apologize for an accident, broken or misplaced item.
  • Be able to talk about and share your likes and dislikes
  • Be able to entertain a visitor, engage in small talk, show hospitality
  • Recount past events. Tell stories about what happened yesterday or last week.
  • Express how you are feeling and be able to explain why.
  • Accept and give compliments
  • Express a personal opinion and be able to express doubt
  • Discuss and comment on current events, sports events, social functions
  • Share personal goals, hopes and dreams
  • Begin to participate in gossip and telling and understanding jokes.
  • Read the Hindi newspaper.
  • Watch and understand Hindi News on TV
  • Write personal and professional letters in Hindi
  • Tell complicated stories.
  • Translate for non-Hindi speakers
  • Understand advertisements from all forms of media.




Indian-Visa.jpgVenture English is registered as TRS Venture Education Private Limited under the Companies Act, 1965 with Corporate Identity # U7410UP2010PTC040456 and having received permission to enroll foreign students with the unique FSIS # of KD87, It is possible for us to invite students to come on Study/Student visas.


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