Academic Word List - Group 5

Posted by on March 8, 2016

Academic Word List 5

This is the 5th group in the Academic Word List. The AWL is a list of over 500 words that are likely to appear in academic situations, classes, reading and high level English exams such as the IELTS. The fifth group contains words number 241 - 300. 


To benefit the most from the Academic Word List we recommend that you download the list and memorize the words as well as practice using the words in sentences both writing them and speaking them.

It is also important for you to know, learn and be able to use the words in their various forms. For instance, the first word in group 5 is alter. This is the simple verb form so we might make a sample sentence that reads:

It is not appropriate for politicians to alter their policies after they have been elected.

We can also use this in the past tense:

The president altered his speech so as not to offend his audience.

But this word 'alter' can also be used as an adjective - in the sample sentence below the word 'altered' is describing the noun 'schedule'.

The altered schedule caused a lot of inconvenience to those waiting to see the P.M.

We cannot use the word alter as a noun unless we change the word. The noun form of the verb alter is alternative. We can use this in a sentence too:

Sanders is a better alternative to Clinton as President of the U.S.

So, as you practice your vocabulary you can really maximize your efforts by knowing how to use each word in all its forms and tenses.


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