Academic Word List - Group 6

Posted by on March 16, 2016

Academic Word List 6 - IELTS Vocab

This is group six of the Acadmic Word List. The AWL is an important list of words that represent lexical items that commonly appear in academic resources and settings. This word has almost 600 words that are not represented on the General Service List (GSL) but are equally necessary for individuals who are pursuing higher level education and especially for those who are preparing for high level English exams such as the IELTS.

The key to utilizing the list is to download the resource and practice writing sentences using the words accurately. It's important to realize that each word can have multiple forms as well as be used in various tenses. You should be able to recognize and use each word in each of its various forms and tenses. For example, the second word on this list is 'transformation'. This is a noun and can be used in a sentence like this:

There has been a significant transformation in India's attitude towards women.

But this word has other forms as well. The verb form is transform:

The internet has transformed the way people access information.

The adjective form is transformed (note that many adjectives have the same spelling as the past tense of the verb form):

She came out of her struggles a transformed woman.

So you can see that we need to build on each word and develop our vocabulary in a complete manner. Enjoy the resource and please feel free to share your comments below and share this page with your friends.


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