Academic Word List - Group 10

Posted by on September 14, 2016

Academic Word List 10

Welcome to the 10th and final part of the Academic Word List. We hope by now you are familiar with the previous nine (9) lists. If not check out our vocabulary resource page to get the other lists.

The A.W.L. is arranged in descending order from most frequently found to list frequently occuring words. That means that this particular list of words might occur less often than the other words in the list but they still are incredibly important.

In order for one to achieve the most value from this list it is necessary to be able to use the words in a sentence and, if it is a verb, in each of its tenses. It is also necessary to be able to identify and use each word in each of its possible forms. For instance, the second word on this list is "inclination." This is the noun form of the word which refers to "a person's natural tendency or urge to act of feel in a particular way.*" So in a sentence it would appear with either an article or a possessive pronoun like this:

"His inclination is to give excess funds to faith based NGOs and not generic organizations that provide only physical help."  

But this word often occurs in its verb form, incline, too. The verb can obviously be conjugated into past, continuous and future forms. So an examples sentence with the verb form would look like this,

"I would be more inclined to help if I thought you were trying harder."

Good luck! and leave comments or feedback if you have any questions.

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