Academic Word List - Group 7

Posted by on March 26, 2016

This is the 7th set of words in the Academic Word List. Hopefully by now you know that this list of words represents more than 500 words that are likely to appear in an academic setting. This list is in addition to the General Service List ( The GSL is approximately 2700 of the most common words used in English.)
In particular, the AWL can be helpful for students preparing for high level exams such as the IELTS.


However, in order to benefit the most from the list it needs to be utilized to its maximum potential. The cannot just be memorized but needs to be learned. This means that as you study it you need to be able to use each word accurately in a sentence. You also need to be aware that many of these words can be used in other ways, that is, other forms. For example, the 3rd word on list 7 is 'definite.'
The word definite is usually used as an adjective (before a noun to describe the noun). e.g.

"There is a definite answer to the question."

But the word can be modified to be used as an adverb. e.g.

"She is definitely the nicest person I have ever met."

The word is probably most commonly used as a verb:

"Please define the word in question."

and with a little more modification we can make it a noun:

"The definition of define is important to know for this article."

So you can see that each of these 60 words actually represent much more than just the words you see. If you take the time to understand and properly use each of the words below you will be well on your way to having a great vocabulary and being able to score well in the IELTS Exam.


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