Academic Word List - Group 4

Posted by on March 2, 2016

Academic Word List 4 - IELTS Vocab

This is the fourth group of the Academic Word List. The AWL is a list of words that represent vocabulary that is necessary to understand when engaged in an academic context. These are words that are not included in the General Service List (GSL) but appear often in academic situations.


In order to benefit most from the list you should download it and practice using the words by writing and speaking sentences. It is also recommended that you learn each word and all its forms. For instance, the second word on this list is 'emerged.' This appears to be the past tense of the verb 'emerge.' So we can practice by using the word in a variety of tenses:

  1. When will the butterfly emerge from its cocoon?
  2. Jesus Christ emerged from his tomb victorious over sin and death.
  3. Emerging from his coffin, the vampire was ready to bite.

However, we need to also recognize that this word, emerge, has other forms. The gerund form, emerging, can be used as an adjective:

  • The emerging ideas of the current generation are opposed to the ideologies of the previous generation.

There is another adjective form of the word, emergent.

  • The emergent church is focused on experience and ritual as apposed to knowledge and doctrine.

So as you practice, make sure you take the time to understand each word, its multiple uses as well as its multiple forms.


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