Academic Word List - Group 9

Posted by on April 20, 2016

Academic Word List 9

The 9th installment of the Academic Word List. Starting with the word 'bulk' and ending with the word 'duration.' The Academic Word List is a list of almost 600 words that appear frequently in academic settings. This list is essential for anyone preparing for higher level English exams such as the IELTS.


Its critical, that as you work with these words that your are able to recognize the various forms the words might appear in as well as identify word collocations. For instance, the second word on the list is 'behalf'. This word is a little odd and used in fairly narrow contexts. But you need to know that this word is almost always used with the preposition 'on'. Sometimes we use it with 'of' and other times with a possessive pronoun. For example,

"On behalf of Venture English Institute, thank you for reading this page."

So here we have the combination of ON + OF. We can also say, "I am giving this to you on his behalf." the word 'his' referring to person previously identified in the context of the conversation. So here we have the combination of ON + Possessive Pronoun.

Remember, don't just memorize this list of words, make yourself comfortable with them so you can use them in all their forms.




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