IELTS Listening Practice - Transportation Museum

Posted by on April 11, 2014

Grow your IELTS and TOEFL listening comprehension skills by listening to the audio portions below and then completing the answers. We recommend listening to the audio once and then trying to answer the questions. If you can't answer all the questions then listen to the audio a second time. Then, check your comprehension by reading the script. Look for words, phrasal verbs and grammar patterns that you don't know or don't understand. Write these words and phrases down and look them up in a good dictionary.


When you are satisfied with your performance check out some of our other Listening Comprehension Exercises.



Dillion: Hello, I'm Dillion Fisher and welcome to the transport museum. I understand you want some information about educational activities that we organize at the museum.
Teacher: Yes, we'd like to bring a group of primary school children at the beginning of the term and I just wanted to know what there is available and what we need to do.
Dillion: Well, first of all, there're special reductions in entrance charges and special activities for primary schools. We can cater for groups of up to 20 pupils at a time. We have a special classroom in the educational centre where we can welcome the pupils. We tend to start the educational visits at 10, 12  and 2pm. From experience, we have  found that 2 hours is the maximum for children  around 8 to 11 years of age. And ... mmm ... we will have two facilitators to help the  pupils during the visit, but we advise that there should be a ratio of at least one teacher for every ten pupils. The program ... mmm ... for the visit is as follows. We start in the educational centre here, where we get the pupils settled, get them to do a few a activities related to transport and then introduced them to a treasure trail  through the  museum which takes about an  our. The treasure trail  helps the students focus on the museum exhibits, which include buses, trains   and trams.  And ...mmm...there are lots of interactive activities  throught the museum ... mmm for example, there are simulated bus driving stations and in some cases, pupils can  enter the exhibits. We also have attendants dressed in period costumes to match the periods the transport exhibits are from.  


1. The maximum group number is? ____________

2. At least one teacher per how many students? ___________

3. The Program begins in the educational centre, pupils are then settled and do few
__________ related to transportation.

4. Students are introduced to treasure trail which takes about _________.

5. The treasure trail helps students focus on _________________________.

6. Exhibit attendants dress in what? ________________________________.



1. 20

2. Ten

3. Activities

4. An Hour

5. Museum Exhibits

6. Period Costumes

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